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Just for the record the weather today is slightly sarcastic

with a good chance of a) indifference, or b) disinterest in what the critics say

26 December 1987

[lupin + snape]

Mood theme by lovebit

'67 impalas, allison janney, angel, angel/cordy, bandom, bandslash, bass, bernard black, bernard/fran, bill bailey, black, black books, blackadder, boys in eyeliner, bradley whitford, buffy, carmac, caroline/mac, chamber of secrets, cobra starship, computers, csi, dara o'briain, deathly hallows, doncaster knights, dvds, dylan moran, enjoying myself, fall out boy, family guy, fawkes, feeder, finding nemo, fish, fran, friends, futurama, geeks, goblet of fire, golf, green wing, grissom/sara, gryffindor, gta, gym class heroes, hair dye, half-blood prince, harry potter, hippies, hugh laurie, hustle, image ready, ipod, jack daniel's, james morrison, janel moloney, jared padalecki, jen, jensen ackles, john smith's, john spencer, josh/donna, julian rhind-tutt, laughing, lemmings, live lounge, love actually, mac/caroline, manny, marian keyes, mario kart double dash, martin sheen, mock the week, moss, nintendo ds, no angels, order of the phoenix, page 502, page 99, patrick stump, peircings, pete wentz, philosopher's stone, photoshop, pink, poking, prisoner of azkaban, qi, random roadtrips, reading, red nailvarnish, richard hammond, richard schiff, richmond, rob lowe, ron/hermione, roy, rugby, rupert grint, russell howard, scrubs, shaun of the dead, sociology, spending money, stephen fry, stockard channing, supernatural, tattoos, the it crowd, the janitor, the kinks, the kooks, the pigeon detectives, the simpsons, the west wing, top gear, wes/fred, will&grace, willow/spike, wilson, woo woo, writing